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Lucy has bagged herself a new bloke and her friends couldn’t be happier for her. Pierre is utterly handsome and totally charming, and the enormous ruby necklace he gifted to Lucy on the night they met is an additional sweetener. But on their second date, when the couple are chased out of a bustling nightclub by three sinister-looking men, Lucy begins to realise that Pierre is not quite as he seems. Will their love blossom despite the trouble that Pierre is in, and will Lucy ever make it home to her worried friends after the strangest night of her life?

You’ll Never Walk Alone is like a Scouse James Bond story. There are jewel thieves, evil villains and their sinister henchmen, plus a blooming romance between two beautiful people. But since it’s set against the vivid backdrop of 1980s Liverpool, it’s blended together with some wonderful Scouse charm and humour. Oh, and there’s a genius cat, a kleptomaniac monkey and an appearance from Dead or Alive singer Pete Burns. Doesn’t it sound like fun?

There’s a big cast of characters in this story and each one has their own distinct voice. The two leading ladies, Lucy and Gina, are down-to-earth girls who turn feisty when they’re thrown into the criminal underworld. Gina’s boyfriend Gary is a good lad who does as he’s told (most of the time…) along with his friend Bob, who tends to be preoccupied with keeping monkey Fingers out of trouble. Cynthia is the posh lady with a penchant for wine who lives in the flat beneath Gina and Lucy, while their stressed and slightly strange landlord Tony Wong keeps a watchful eye over them. And then there is Pierre who is almost irritatingly confident… I must admit I was rather pleased to see some of his plans go awry in order for the ladies to take over and do things the right way!

I loved the way that You’ll Never Walk Alone threw a bunch of ordinary folk into a wild, action-packed adventure — fist fights and car chases and all. It’s the kind of book that you can see in your head as a movie. It’s wonderfully good fun and yet there’s plenty of emotional depth too as Gina, whilst trying to get to the bottom of her friends’ disappearance, searches also for her long-lost father. As the story draws to a close, every plot thread and every character becomes cleverly connected in ways you wouldn’t imagine at the beginning.

The story very definitely came to a complete close at the end, but regardless of that I’d quite like a sequel. Or a spin-off series… the adventures of Asmar and Fingers, cat and monkey fighting the dark world of crime. They made a cracking team!

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