Worth | Microfiction

Desk and paperwork illustration - "Worth" Microfiction

The change in her attitude was abrupt, to say the least.

One minute she was typing manically at her keyboard, excited and determined to fulfil an end-of-day deadline that had never truly been achievable. The next, she was ready to leave it all behind.

It was 6.55pm. She wasn’t the only straggler in the office, and it wasn’t the first time she’d remained long after her contracted 5pm finish.

It was what they all had to do to prove their worth.

What was interesting, though, was that the more they tried to prove their worth, the more their true worth was diminished.

She put her PC to sleep, gathered her things, and went home. She’d pick up where she left off tomorrow.

In the meantime, her typing skills would be put to better use in the crafting of a CV that would remind her of her true worth.

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