What Can We Learn from the Anteater Diet?


I’ve been in a months-long creative slump so I’m having a crack at a creative challenge called Alphabet Superset in hopes of getting over it. The plan is to write a silly little animal-themed poem for every silly little letter of the alphabet.

Thanks for watching!

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5 responses to “What Can We Learn from the Anteater Diet?”

  1. Darnell Cureton avatar

    Light and fun for a Friday afternoon. Put music to this and dance out of your slump! (me too)
    Nice one Ellie.

    1. Ellie Scott avatar

      Thanks, Darnell. I hope you’re doing well!

  2. Chris Hall avatar
    1. Ellie Scott avatar

      Thanks, Chris! I just realised I missed your updates. I’m so glad you’re back and you’re doing well. Going to catch up with all your posts later today!

      1. Chris Hall avatar

        It’s so nice to see you again, Ellie. I had a little problem last year. I’m not quite back yet at the moment. But it’s coming!

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