What A Novelty | Microfiction

Hands holding a wrapped gift

Gran pushes a parcel towards me. “I hope you like it. It’s exactly what you asked for.”

I tug at the bow and claw at the paper, barely daring to hope that she really did get me what I asked for.

“I suppose they must be all the rage,” she says. “I can’t quite keep up with all these trends. It all moves too fast. And I just hope it doesn’t go out of date before you get your use out of it.”

I open the box and I think my eyes are deceiving me.

She spots my disappointment. “Oh, is it not the right one dear? Did you want a Red Delicious instead? Or a Pink Lady?”

It’s an apple. Glued to a watchstrap.

I hold back a giggle. “It’s perfect, Gran.”

She beams. “An Apple Watch, ey? Well, what a novelty.”

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