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Trumpet illustration - "Wedding Music" microfiction

“Everything looks gorgeous,” says the bride, as she gazes around a dining hall adorned with opulent silk drapes, beautiful displays of red roses, and strings upon strings of sparkling white lights. “You’ve brought all our visions to life!”

The wedding planner beams at her. “I’m so pleased you’re happy with it all. I’ll show you through to the private bar so that you can have a quiet drink together before your guests pile in. It’s nice to have some breathing space after the ceremony.”

“Hang on,” says the groom. “What about the brass band?”

“Ah, yes. I almost forgot. Follow me. Y’know, it was one of the stranger requests for a wedding reception I’ve had over the years, but each to their own.”

The wedding planner leads them to a small podium in the back corner of the room. Displayed upon it is a slim band of yellow, polished metal.

“Does this have some sort of special meaning for the two of you?” asks the wedding planner.

The bride and groom frown at her.

The wedding planner glances from couple to podium, and from podium back to couple once more.

“Shit,” she says. “I really fucked up, didn’t I?”

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