Vote Dog | Microfiction

Beagle tied to bike in city

“8-day walk weeks. Living kibble portions for all. Nationalisation of every squirrel-infested woodland in the UK.

“Free obedience classes for all ages – pups to seniors. Hundreds of thousands of new, affordable kennels.

“And most importantly, compulsory tummy-rub quotas for every single hound in this country!

“Only we will deliver on these promises – vote for DemocraDogs…. vote for change!”

The human voters frown at the yapping mutt as they hurry toward the polling booths.

In a nearby tree a squirrel chatters with disdain. “This #DogsAtPollingStations malarkey is getting way out of hand.”

Cartoon dog holding "Vote 4 Dog" sign

Happy General Election fellow people of the UK. If I could vote dog I would.

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Photo by Anthony Ginsbrook on Unsplash

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