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T shirt illustration - "Undercover" microfiction

Lily had never felt less notable in her life. But that’s exactly what she was going for.

Her usual attire of black skinny jeans, metal band tee, leather jacket, and shiny, silver Chelsea boots was gone in exchange for tracksuit bottoms, an oversized hoodie, and plain, white trainers. Even her purple hair had been pulled back into a bun and hidden beneath a black beany hat.

The septum ring had been removed from her nose, her ears bore just one pair of earrings, and her trademark blood red lipstick was nowhere in sight. She was barefaced, save for the pair of giant sunglasses she wore over her eyes.

She’d made it into town undetected, despite having passed by several of her friends who, thankfully, hadn’t recognised her. Now, she stood in the charity shop, gazing at the shirt which had been the object of her affection for days. She was relieved that it was still there.

She reached out for the garment with bated breath.


Lily jumped at the sound and snatched her hand away.

“I’ve been wanting that shirt for days. Please don’t buy it.”

The panicked voice was terribly familiar. Lily turned towards it.



The friends gazed at each other. Kaye looked as much unlike herself as Lily did.

“You’re here for the Nickleback shirt?” Kaye whispered.

Lily blushed and nodded.

“I thought you hated Nickleback?”

“Could say the same about you,” Lily shrugged.

Kaye chewed her lip. “If you buy it, I’ll tell everyone. They’ll rip you to shreds for being a secret Nickleback fan.”

“If you buy it, I’ll do the same.”

Kaye frowned.

Lily glared right back. She looked to the shirt and then to her friend, and then back to the shirt. “I’ll fight you for it.”

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