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Tick illustration - "To-Done" microfiction

The to-do list beckons every day, waiting for its bullet points to be transformed into to-dones. Hours tick by and the to-dos remain, unsatisfactorily unmarked my big ticks or bold strikethroughs.

Each day’s list grows longer with yesterday’s to-dos rewritten and recycled in between the fresh morning’s tasks. Errands breed and multiply, growing wilder and less manageable by each moment idled away.

All it takes is one achievement to break the cycle. One to-done to prove doing is possible. One to-done to roll into one more. One to-done to do them all.

  • Write to-do list

Tick. On we go.

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5 thoughts on “To-Do | Microfiction

  1. Back in 1994 I used to plan exactly like you beautifully described. But then, frustatingly I said “Fu*k it. Life, here I come”.

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