There’s Evil Afoot | Microfiction

Woman in bed with face covered by duvet

She can sense it as soon as she wakes up. Something has changed. There is evil afoot. But why?

She wraps her dressing gown around her, slips on her slippers and heads downstairs. It’s cold. Too cold. The front door is ajar. She peers out and spies a delivery man get into his truck and pull away.

Faint singing draws her into the kitchen – ‘White Christmas’, all out of tune. Her skin prickles with goosebumps.

“Dad?” she says quietly.

“Just had the big Christmas food shop delivered, love. Look at all this good stuff!” He holds up a bag, a sinister look in his eye.

Her heart pounds. “No,” she says, backing out the room. “Nooooo!”

Her father grins. “Yes… It’s sprout season, kiddo!”

Happy holidays one and all! May your festive period be merry, joyful and sprout-free.

(Unless you like sprouts, in which case may your festive period be merry, sprout-laden and fartsome.)

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Photo by Alexandra Gorn on Unsplash

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