There Is Life On Mars | Microfiction

Dear diary,

The search for life on Mars is finally over! We did it! We found it! Can you believe it?

All that time, all that money, all that high-tech equipment has finally paid off. And it’s such a big deal for me on a personal level. Finally, I know the truth…

There is bacteria on that damn Mars bar. And it was that damn Mars bar that had me locked in the bathroom for 24 hours. It wasn’t the prawn mayo baguette after all. Who’d have thought it?

Now I can eat prawn mayo baguettes with peace of mind, and I won’t touch another Mars bar ever again. It was the not knowing that bothered me, y’know? Sooo stressful. Now all I have to worry about is hiding all evidence from head office that I used expensive laboratory resources for a personal project. What a relief that is!

Bye for now.

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