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With a beautiful old country house in a close-knit Lancashire village, a mysterious silver locket which holds a myriad of secrets, and some very peculiar dreams, The Silver Locket is a wonderful blend of cosy women’s fiction and paranormal mystery.

When protagonist Laura inherits her late aunt’s house, she quickly becomes immersed in the history of the property’s previous inhabitants. She discovers an old silver locket beneath the floorboards and soon finds herself dreaming through the eyes of Cathy, a teenage girl who was madly in love a young gardener. Eager to understand the meaning of her dreams and the history behind the locket, Laura quickly gets swept up in long-held secrets and a new romance of her own.

This is the kind of book you want to get stuck into while lounging in your garden with a glass of Pimms in hand on a gorgeous summer’s day, which, not surprisingly, is exactly what I did. With the rural Lancashire setting so vividly described, I quickly became immersed in Laura’s world and could completely understand why she felt such a strong connection to her inherited property, compared to her usual busy bureaucratic life in Brussels. I loved the way in which the little village of Rufford was portrayed; it’s the kind of place where everyone knows everyone else’s business, which is exactly how it was in the little village I grew up in in Yorkshire.

There are some serious twists and turns in this tale, and things get pretty dark as the plot nears its conclusion. However, despite some tragic, moving circumstances that really tug on the heartstrings, this novel is incredibly uplifting and leaves you with a smile.

Holly Atkins is the pen name of Chris Hall of Luna’s On Line. The Silver Locket is Chris’ debut novel, but she’s also released a collection of short stories and has plenty of wonderful fiction to read on her website – do go and show her some love!

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5 thoughts on “The Silver Locket by Holly Atkins | Book Review

  1. Dear Ellie, thank you so much for this lovely review of ‘The Silver Locket’! I really appreciate your opinion and am so pleased you enjoyed it. I’m also delighted that you took the book into the garden with something long and cool to drink. This is just how I envisage people reading the book.

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