The Mission | Microfiction

Line of soldiers illustration - "The Mission" microfiction

“Listen up, soldiers! We’ll have to abseil down. But that’s the easy part. Getting across the canyon with so many obstacles won’t be simple. You’ll need to keep your wits about you. Threats are everywhere. Death could –”

“Watch out!”

A giant boot swings towards the group of soldiers. They drop to the ground and cover their heads. But one doesn’t move quite fast enough. His garbled yells ring out as he’s booted over the edge of the cliff and disappears down into the canyon below.

His comrades scramble to the edge of the cliff and shout after him. It’s only the colonel who sees the next threat.

“Look out!”

Too late. An enormous hand swoops towards them and gathers them up into a shouting, terrified heap.


“Look, Mummy. Tiny toy soldiers.”

“Where did you find them?”

“They were right there on the edge of the pavement. Can I keep them?”

Stories That Sing

I write one new story each week inspired by a random song from my Spotify library. This week it was You Sent Me Flying by Amy Winehouse.

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