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Crowd illustration - "The Kids Are The Future" microfiction

The Vice President of Future Visionary takes in the stony faces of the young people who stand before her. Hundreds of 18-year-olds, all set to take on the biggest challenge of their lives. She tries her best to look hopeful.

“You are the future,” she tells them. “The future of humanity. The future of everything. It’s a heavy burden to bear, I understand, but it’s also a burden to be proud of. Today, you will proceed onto your new lives. Lives which will be some of the most important ever lived.

“Ever since you were born, you have been studying our carefully formulated forecasts of humanity’s future. You know all that looks set to happen on our planet over the course of the next five decades. You know about our future leaders, our future wars, our future successes and our future failures. And now, you have the power to change that future for the better.

“As you know, the next stage in your mission is to take on new identities in the normal world, with all the knowledge of the future world tucked away in your mind. Use this knowledge as you move through life. Make positive choices. Connect with the right people. Influence others in the smartest ways. This moment is what you have all been training for, and I have faith that you will all do good work.

“Make the change. Be the change. Transform humanity’s future.”

Applause rises up amongst the crowd, but the stony faces remain.

Stories That Sing

I write one new story each week inspired by a random song from my Spotify library. This week it was Future People by Alabama Shakes.

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