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Leaves illustration - "The Hunt" microfiction

Park, park, park. Leaves, leaves, leaves. Park, leaves, park, leaves. Damn, I wish I had more information.

The park’s huge. There are leaves everywhere. I’m never gonna find those damn bones.

I should’ve grilled him. Should’ve got some more to go on. Should’ve asked him outright, “Where’d you put the bones, Punk?” But I’d have probably just spooked him, I guess. At least he has no idea that I’m about to raid him.

Who hides bones in a pile of leaves, anyway? Only an idiot. You bury them. Everyone knows that. But Punk isn’t the brightest of sparks, is he? If he were, he wouldn’t have gone running his mouth about them. Bragging. Nobody likes a brag.

Nearly there. I can’t handle it, I’m too excited. I think I might pee. Better not. Better hold it. Just a few seconds longer.

We’re slowing down. We’re pulling up. I can almost taste the victory. Let me at it, let me at it, let me at it… wait.

Is that? Really? Right there? It can’t be. It might be. That’s the biggest pile of damn leaves I’ve ever seen. It’s too convenient for the first pile of leaves I see to be the right one, right? There are probably tonnes of other piles all over this park. But something tells me it is. Something tells me the bones are near. I… I think I can smell them.

Come on, woman, let me out! Letmeout, letmeout, letmeout, letmeout. LET ME OUT.

Finally. And we’re off!

Leaves, leaves, leaves, bones, bones, bones, leaves, bones, leaves, bones, LEAVES.

Dog jumping in leaves gif

They’re here. They’re here! Ha! Sucks to be you Punk the Pekinese – I’ve got your bones. You’re no match for a Labrador.

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