The Heat Wave | Microfiction

Sun illustration - "The Heat Wave" microfiction

The heat wave wafted across Great Britain and melted everything in its path.

Buildings sagged. Trees wilted. Cats puddled. Humans grew sticky and stretchy like warm gum. Tarmac and asphalt grew soft enough that cars sank and became stranded in the middle of the motorway.

But that wasn’t the worst of it.

The ice cream melted. All of it.

Even the freezers couldn’t function in the heat. Ice cream vans, shops, stalls, and kiosks across the country were forced to close their doors as their delicious produce turned to liquid.

Children and adults alike cried desperate tears (which, coincidentally, vaporised instantly upon their cheeks) as they realised that their favourite frozen treat was unavailable during the hottest days they had ever known.

On the bright side, the ice cream drought made everyone sit up and listen to the scientists when they spoke of global warming. Recycling rates have never been better.

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