The Earth Died Swearing | Microfiction

Globe-headed man illustration - "The Earth Died Swearing" microfiction

AAAAaaarrggghhhuuuuurrrgggghhhh it burns!

My oceans have all boiled away and the ice caps are ancient history and the ground is dry as a bone and the trees are all on fire and all the living things are being roasted alive and there’s only the cockroaches left now and it hurts it hurts it HURTS.

What the fuck is happening? Did the sun turn on me?

Oh. Oh, shit. Bugger it. Bastard. I left the bloody gas on.

Huh, my memory is really getting bad, isn’t it? Guess it’s inevitable when you get to 4.5 billion years old.

Nice knowing you.

Stories that Sing

Stories inspired by a random songs from my Spotify library. This time it was “The Earth Died Screaming” by Tom Waits and naturally I had to go for the really obvious, really stupid angle.

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