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Teresa Grabs is known here on WordPress as The Haunted Wordsmith, and I’m a big fan of her work. She has a knack for writing witty shorts, unexpected twists, and dark tales that make you think. Her short story collection is more of the same fabulousness – smart, funny, uplifting, and wholly entertaining.

As a multi-genre collection, there really is a little something for everyone. We have apocalyptic and dystopian tales, ghosts, devils, and demons, stories with a hint of magic, and plenty of pieces which highlight the silliest, funniest, or most poignant moments of our everyday lives.

The collection is testament to Teresa’s versatility; it seems she can turn her hand to any genre and create some cracking fiction. But despite the broad range of genres she works in, her unique style – that dry humour and those clever twists – shines through in every tale.

With 50 stories to choose from its tricky to pick favourites but somehow, I’ve managed to narrow down my top five:

  • “Don’t Challenge the Muses” – A young woman shares her musical gift with the wrong crowd.
  • “First Place” – The love between a young kid and his dog, with a brilliant twist.
  • “In with the Tide” – A man disposes of a rolled-up rug in the dead of the night…
  • “Missed Opportunity” – An incredibly moving tale about teenagerhood and parenthood.
  • “The Wrong Assumption” – A little girl deals with her jealousy of her baby brother.

Basically, this book is banging. Do go and check it out and be sure to subscribe The Haunted Wordsmith while you’re at it!

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4 thoughts on “Tales from the Haunted Wordsmith by Teresa Grabs | Book Review

  1. Wow! Thanks! I often say that I have no sense of humor…lol. I love to hear which stories were people’s favorites because no one seems to pick my top ones, which is great because it means that maybe someone like me will find the book eventually. Don’t Challenge the Muses seems to be a very popular one with people. Thanks for writing a review 🙂

  2. I’m intrigued, Ellie… will certainly check this out! I’m still busy enjoying the Ben Aaronovitch’s ‘Rivers of London’, which you reviewed recently. So many books, so little time (sigh).

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