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Boots illustration - "Take a Hike" flash fiction

She rubbed at eyes crusted with sleep as she flopped down the stairs and grimaced. Four pairs of walking boots were set out before the front door.

“Ten minutes for breakfast,” her father said. “I’ve mapped a six-mile route. We should be back before the rain sets in.”

The miles were hiked amongst gripes and groans, but four faces glowed with satisfaction by the time they returned.

Three decades on and she sets out four pairs of boots in the hallway.

Her son flops down the stairs and grimaces.

“You know the Sunday routine by now,” she says. “Grandad’s tradition.”

This story was written in response to the following photo prompt, provided by Rochelle Wisoff-Fields for Friday Fictioneers.

Walking boots
Copyright – Adam Ickes

You can find more responses to the photo, or add your own, here.

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Author: Ellie Scott

Ellie Scott is a freelance copywriter and fiction writer from Sheffield, UK. She writes speculative and silly short stories and flash fiction. She has published two short story collections - 'Merry Bloody Christmas' and 'Come What May Day'. In 2018 she was shortlisted for the Bridport Prize Short Story Competition. She can often be found loitering on Twitter (@itsemscott), Instagram (@tinysillystories) and Medium (@elliemaryscott).

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