3 of My Favourite Beginner SEO Resources

I’m not a search engine optimisation (SEO) expert by any means, but as a copywriter who specialises in digital content, I need to know a thing or two about writing copy which is optimised for the search bots. Most of my SEO know-how has been mined from the internet and I’d love to share my favourite resources with you. Continue reading “3 of My Favourite Beginner SEO Resources”

Keyword Density and The Value of Synonyms

Keyword density is a tricky thing. On the one hand, we need to include a keyword in a web page more than once to tell Google what our content is all about. On the other, if we stuff that keyword into our content too frequently, Google could mark us as dirty, filthy spammers and inflict penalties on our site. The trouble is, Google doesn’t have a specific guideline as to the optimum keyword density for SEO success. Continue reading “Keyword Density and The Value of Synonyms”