SPLAT. | Microfiction

Butterflies illustration - "SPLAT." microfiction

This week’s silly social stories.

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Eff… Eff… Effervescent! | Microfiction

Man struggling with top hat illustration - "Eff-Eff-Effervescent" microfiction

All the silly stories from my social media this week.

Fork It, Fork It All | Microfiction

Fork illustration - "Fork It, Fork It All" microfiction

Wee stories from my social media this week.

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A Snapshot of Destiny | Flash Fiction

An old woman in a rocking chair line drawing illustration - "A Snapshot of Destiny" flash fiction

The fortune teller has been glaring at Polly for 10 minutes, and Polly hasn’t dared to look away. There’s something in the woman’s eyes that makes it impossible. Something almost threatening that tells her not to break the silence.

And yet, despite the hostile atmosphere, Polly’s feeling a little bored. She’s also more than a little peeved that she’s spent £45 just to be stared down by a woman with cold, hard eyes. She came here to be told of her future. She expected a crystal ball at the very least.

The fortune teller blinks, shakes her head, and finally looks away. “Gotcha,” she says. “Here. Take this.” She pulls a cardboard tube out from beneath the table and hands it over. “There’s a picture in here which depicts your future. Don’t peek until you get home. And don’t get too upset… we can’t all have the perfect life.”

Polly nods as she takes the package. “Thanks,” she says.

The fortune teller grunts. “My commiserations.”

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Teeny Little Creatures on a Grain of Sand | Microfiction

Tropical beach illustration - "Teeny Little Creatures on a Grain of Sand" microfiction

A roundup of the miniature stories I wrote on Twitter and Instagram this week.