Surprise, Valentine

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My legs are aching and I know his are, too. We’re both exhausted, but we feel a sense of achievement like no other. I can speak for him, you see, because we’re always in touch with each other’s feelings. We’re a part of each other. He’s in my head, and I’m in his. We can basically finish each other’s sentences.

Which makes this the perfect time. We’ve scaled an entire mountain together. He held my hand as we jumped over craggy ravines. I held his when his foot slipped on a muddy slope. We both provided moral support and loving platitudes whenever the other felt too exhausted to go on. Standing on the peak of this mountain, is the peak of our relationship. Everything is utterly perfect.

He’s standing on the edge of a rock which hangs over a steep drop, looking out across the view with his hands on hips. The sun is high in the sky and it’s lighting up our lightly misted surroundings in an ethereal glow. I could be in a movie, or a fairytale. It really is the perfect time. I couldn’t have planned for a better moment.

I approach him from behind, stomach twisting with nerves. I wonder how he’ll react.

“Bobby,” I say softly.

He turns to look at me, and he smiles. His eyes are filled up with his love for me.

“Can you believe we did this?” he says.

I shake my head.

“I love you,” he says.

I nod. “Happy Valentine’s day,” I say.

And then I push him.

He yelps as he disappears over the edge. I turn away; I don’t want to know where he ends up.

He was always in my head, and I in his. It was too much. It was too perfect.

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