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Tristran Thorn has a beautiful girl to impress, and he’ll do so by bringing her a fallen star. He embarks on adventure into a strange, magical and dangerous world, and soon learns that the fallen star is far more valuable than he could ever imagine.

I already knew the story of Stardust having seen the film many years ago, but let’s be honest – books are almost always better than movies. However in this case, I think the book and the film are actually on an equal pegging. The movie is charming and whimsy and magical and so too is the book. But would you expect anything less from Neil Gaiman?

Stardust is a quick and cosy read packed full of evil witches, power-hungry royalty, eccentric woodland creatures, and sweet romance. Tristran is a loveable hero, and the supporting characters complement him brilliantly. Gaiman describes the dreamlike setting so incredibly vividly that you feel completely swept up in the world. It’s a classic modern fairytale and everything the film had made me hope it would be.

Wonderful. Simple as that.

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