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Bowl of soup illustration - "Soup" Microfiction

“The soup’s too thin!” the head chef squawked, over and over until the junior chef thought she could take it no more.

She’d done her best. She’d tried to reduce it. She’d tried adding cornflour. She’d tried dolloping in cream. And still the meat soup didn’t live up to the head chef’s standards.

It tasted delicious. It was the richest, most mouth-watering soup the head chef had ever tasted. But he continued to warn the junior chef that she’d lose her job if she couldn’t make it thicker.

The junior chef seethed and wondered whether she should inform the head chef of what had happened to his predecessor when he’d made the very same threat.

And then it struck her – the reason for the wateriness of her soup.

She supposed that human meat simply didn’t lend itself to thick, unctuous soups, despite being utterly delicious.

But that was a mere hypothesis. She’d need to prove her theory with a fresh batch.

She eyed the rump of the new head chef and grabbed her knife.

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3 thoughts on “Soup | Microfiction

  1. Hi. Thanks for following Tale Spinning. Hopefully, you can point me in the right direction: I can’t find a way to follow your site.

    The story made me laugh. Puts the idea of Rump Roast right out of my mind for dinner.

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    1. Hi Stu,

      Thanks for reading!

      Since I’m self-hosting this site, I don’t have some of the handy features such as follow buttons for WordPress users. Until you commented I didn’t realise just how hard it was for WordPress users to follow my blog with a simple click like you can on other blogs.

      I’ve since added a follow button in my sidebar (which will be lurking around the bottom of the page for those viewing on mobile), and I’ll be adding a follow button at the bottom of each post from now on. Thanks so much for pointing this out!

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