Sound Investment | Microfiction

Electric guitar illustration - "Sound investment" microfiction

“I didn’t know you played piano,” she said, eyeing the ramshackle home music studio.

He shrugged. “I dabble.”

“Play something?”

“I’m not that good. Guitar is my main thing.”

“So play the guitar.”

“Thing is, I burned my finger when I was cooking yesterday. Too painful to play.”

“You could play me a recording?”

“I don’t think I can. I feel kinda vulnerable sharing my creative side.”

At that, she melted – she’d had no idea he was so sensitive. They never did.

His investment was paying off. And maybe, eventually, he’d actually learn how to play one of his instruments.

© Rochelle Wisoff-Fields

This story was inspired by Rochelle Wisoff-Fields’ latest Friday Fictioneers photo prompt. You can read more stories inspired by the above photo here.

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51 thoughts on “Sound Investment | Microfiction

  1. It would be interesting chart on a bar graph the types of musicians that have been portrayed this week: the selfish jerk or who is in it for the girls ( or guys), the lonely, left behind musician, the long gone, divorced or dearly departed musician, the older music teacher, the younger music student., the wasted or spent rock and roller or groupie, ..oh i guess there are far too many to count. Very entertaining, and this one seems especially calculating.

    1. I know, I’m gradually working my way through this week’s stories and certainly seeing some patterns. It’s interesting to discover where each of our minds go when we think of musicians!

    1. Well it depends… if she were to learn in future that he lied just to impress her I don’t suppose she’d be very happy! Particularly if she also learned it was his trick for bedding all the girls…

  2. Aha! He’s got the line, but that’s only going to work for so long before he’ll need to actually play one of those instruments! Maybe he’ll learn the right lesson: that playing poorly but sincerely is more likely to win the heart of the right woman than lying to her.

  3. I would probably fall for this to be honest! Still if they get on well & it works out they might laugh about it when they are ages together & she can playfully rib him about it! Fun story. 🙂

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