Slade House by David Mitchell

Slade House by David Mitchell book cover

There’s a little alleyway round the corner from a rough pub in the middle of London where, every 9 years, a beautiful country home called Slade House turns up. It just so happens that every 9 years, somebody goes missing after last being seen near the very same alleyway, and some sinister immortal twins are to blame.

Slade House is the companion novel to The Bone Clocks, which I read last year and loved. Although it’s not essential to have read The Bone Clocks first, Slade House is set in the same world and features the same supernatural concepts. However, if you haven’t read either of them, I think Slade House would actually be the better novel to start with. The plot is a little more straightforward and the creepiness is amped up even further.

In my mind, David Mitchell is a genius and I’m like a kid in a candy shop trying to figure out which of his novels I want to read next. His work is clever, witty, magical, and masterfully written. In both Slade House and The Bone Clocks he writes in first person and from the point of views of multiple different characters, and he absolutely nails it. Each character has a totally unique voice and is incredibly well-rounded with their motivations, hangups, and personal demons all coming through from the get-go. Moving between lots of different points of view is a risky move and something that could come off as gimmicky, but Mitchell pulls it off spectacularly.

It feels a bit tricky going into depth about this book because I don’t want to give too much of the plot away. I’ll keep it short and sweet: you need to read it. It’s an epic ghost story and psychological thriller all in one, and it’s absolutely brilliant.

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2 thoughts on “Slade House by David Mitchell

  1. I adored this book and read it all at one sitting; literally couldn’t put it down. You’re right, you can’t say a lot about the story without giving too much away. I read it a couple of month’s ago and it’s by far the best book I’ve read this year. Obviously I must read ‘The Bone Clocks’ next!

    1. The Bone Clocks is brilliant, I’m sure you’ll love it! I didn’t enjoy it quite as much as Slade House because I found myself a bit bombarded and overwhelmed by some of the supernatural concepts, but maybe I’d have a different opinion if I’d read Slade House first. Would love to know what you think when you get to reading it!

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