Tame Impala: Let It Happen Single Review

When I first heard Tame Impala’s latest single I was a little underwhelmed. Compared to some of their previous addictive tracks such as ‘Elephant’ and ‘Half Full Glass of Wine’ it seemed to lack energy and individuality. It was too toned down, too plain and simple for a band known for its fuzzy guitar riffs, trippy synth and psychedelic melodies. Yet after listen number two, things started to fall into place.

At an epic 8 minutes long, ‘Let It Happen’ combines what could be 3 tracks into one. It starts as an upbeat dancefloor filler that makes you want to move, and yet one minute in and it changes. The pace slows and the mood switches – a chill-out tune to play through tinny speakers laid in the sun in the park. Then it builds again – back to joyful dancing. Fast, slow, fast, slow, fast… until the track sticks like a smeared CD and your brain is filled with a juddering synth before it evolves again into synthesised strings; it feels like classical music brought into the modern age.

‘Let It Happen’ has layers and layers of riffs, tones, and melodies, and the way in which it subtly brings them all into play over the course of eight minutes is impressive. Each element in there is simple, yet together they make something complex and truly interesting. It’s a song to play in the background when hanging out with friends, and yet a song you can blast through the speakers and immerse yourself in. This track could satisfy pop fans, electronic fans and rock fans all in one, and that’s exactly what Tame Impala’s music has always done. Give ‘Let It Happen’ just two listens and you’re guaranteed to love it.

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