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Hamster clipart - "Silly Hammy" microfiction

Round and round goes the hamster in his wheel, sending up giggles from the human faces which peer through the bars of his cage.

“Silly Hammy.”

“He just keeps going, doesn’t he?”

“Why does he run for so long, Mummy?”

“I suppose he’s just having sooo much fun!”

The hamster lets out an indignant squeak. Fun? Ha! As if, he thinks. His heart hums and his lungs burn with exertion. But look… it might just all be worth it…

A hand approaches the cage. A finger touches the wire. There’s a buzz, a bang, and a short, shrill scream.


The hamster ceases his running. He looks out, panting, at the small human face beyond the bars.

The kid gulps. The hamster glares.

“Okay, Hammy,” whispers the kid. “I’ll set you free.”

The hamster nods. Finally, he thinks. Sweet freedom!

“On one condition – you show me how you rigged this electric cage up.”

Hammy twitches his whiskers.

The kid looks down at his mother. Her chest rises and falls, but she’s out for the count. “Might come in handy next time I’m grounded.”

Hammy squeaks. This kid isn’t so bad after all, he thinks. He looks at the boy’s hands, noting the opposable thumbs, acknowledging his ability to grip and pinch and, most importantly, open doors that Hammy would have a terribly tricky time opening himself.

Within seconds he resolves not to escape at all. He’ll stay right where he is. He could do with a sidekick on his journey to world domination.

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