Resistance is Futile

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This is probably too many vegetables for one person to carry unaided. If I lose my grip on these handles I’ll be chasing cauliflowers and apples down the street and looking like a prize idiot. Good exercise, though, I guess. Ugh.

Why does there have to be a bakery three shops down from the greengrocers? Why do they have to leave their door wide open so that the street is filled with the scent of freshly baked pastries and melting chocolate? Why, why, why?

Why are my legs slowing down as I get closer to the stupid bakery? I’m going downhill – I should be picking up speed, if anything. It’s like my body is yearning for those carbs. I guess I’ll stop and have just a little look in the window.

Holy. Fuck. Maple pecan plaits. They’re my favourite. Cinnamon swirls! No, they’re my favourite. Oh, but wait… chocolate eclairs. Good, old fashioned chocolate eclairs – you really can’t beat them. Shit, they’ve got giant profiteroles filled with crème pâtissière and covered in salted chocolate ganache. If I’m going to have a cheat meal, that is what I want.

Maybe I’ll just go inside and see. I could buy one and only eat half. I could have a little bit every day for the next few days. Make it last. Make it worthwhile. I’ll just step inside and see.

I have never drooled this much in my life. The aroma from outside was bad enough, but in here it’s overwhelming. I can smell the sugar. And I can practically taste it in the air.

They have samples. Free samples. One little bite won’t hurt, right? Maybe it will satisfy my craving and I’ll be able to walk right out of here without even buying anything.

Red velvet brownies. Never had them before. It would be rude not to try.

I’ll just pick a really small piece. Oh, I can tell it’s dense and fudgy and delicious just by touching it. This is going to be heavenly.

Oh. My. God. It’s so sweet. It’s so sticky. It’s got a hint of chocolate flavour that is just right and a tangy, fluffy, cream cheese frosting. It melts in my mouth before I even have time to chew it and as it disintegrates I can feel my body relax. My eyes flutter shut and the whole world disappears, and it’s just me and the brownie. Me and the sugar. Me and my one true love.

“Good, right?”

My eyes spring open and I see the shop assistant staring at me from across the counter. He’s smiling. All smug. It’s like he’s caught me out doing something I shouldn’t. Like he’s interrupted an intimate moment between two lovers.

“I’m afraid we’re all sold out of the red velvet brownies, though. The last one just got snatched up. There’ll be more tomorrow.”

I panic.

I drop my bags of fruit and veggies, grab the sample plate, and run out of the shop and down the street.

Good exercise, I suppose.

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One thought on “Resistance is Futile

  1. Good story. I like very much the idea of choosing a song for inspiration. I’ve thought about doijng just that for a,while now, and just never have. I’m thinking maybe I should.

    Thanks for the read.

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