Rainy Day | Microfiction

Victorian woman in rain illustration - "Rainy Day" microfiction

The museum buzzed with voices and footsteps every time it rained. When the sun shone, it was deserted.

The city’s people didn’t care for history. They cared only for shelter when unfavourable weather dampened their retail therapy.

The curator of the museum rubbed his hands together with glee. Rainy days brought in enough paying visitors to keep the place afloat throughout the sunny ones, and then some. It wouldn’t be long until he could afford his very own cloud seeding operation.

One day, the rain will begin, and it will never stop. The city will go down in history.

© Roger Bultot

Inspired by Rochelle Wisoff-Fields’ Friday Fictioneers. Read more stories which have been inspired by the photo above.

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