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Spooky man illustration - "Prepare for Spooks" microfiction

“Ugh, my hair doesn’t look right. I want it to be bigger, y’know? Messier. It’s all flat and thin and tidy.”

“It looks fine, stop whinging.”

“And my clothes are all wrong. They’re not all ripped and raggedy like yours. And the hollows under my eyes aren’t dark enough. And you can barely see the bullet wound in my chest. This sucks.”

“You look fine, man! Stop fussing, we’re gonna be late. It’s almost midnight.”

“But it’s okay for you – you look terrifying. You’ve got an entire freaking hole in your head and your eyes are all bulged out and your clothes are covered in blood. I look ridiculous stood next to you. People won’t be scared. They’ll just laugh at me. Ugh, Halloween is always so stressful.”

“Dude, listen. We’re ghosts. Our entire presence is scary enough. Sure, some of us are more gruesome than others and get a few more screams. But at least your death wasn’t as painful and horrifying as mine. Think yourself lucky.”

“Yeah, I guess you’re right.”

“Now, stop playing with your hair and let’s go spook the living!”

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