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Feather illustration - "Premium Tears" microfiction

Buttons from a yellow jacket – check.

Feather from a buzzard – check.

Blood from a bounty hunter – check. And that shit wasn’t easy to get hold of. I hope that dude doesn’t have any vengeful friends.

Tears of a widow in a thimble made of glass.

Shit. I only have widow tears from a plastic bottle. Will that matter? Surely it’s all the same, right? But what if the glass thimble tears are like… premium? From rich old ladies who are dripping in diamonds? Trust me to get budget widow tears.

Fuck it. I’ll try it anyway. I really need this potion to work ‘cos if Pete doesn’t ask me to prom, I will never live it down.

Ok… quick stir and in go the tears…


Ouch! Damn, this stuff burns. Oh, bollocks. It’s everywhere. And the explosion blew out the windows. And there are blood stains all over the ceiling.

At least now I know – it’s glass thimble tears or nothing.

Mum’s gonna kill me. I used her last buzzard feather on a botched potion.

Stories that Sing

I write one new story each week inspired by a random song from my Spotify library. This week it was “Wrong Side of the Road” by Tom Waits, which was kind of a tricky one because it’s like a story in itself. I love Tom Waits – wonderful lyricist.

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