Pick a Post-it Out the Jar | Microfiction

The kids sit stiffly around the table, staring at the jar. Pretty thing, it is; embossed with stars. Mum’s reward system.

Behave like a little star,
Pick a Post-it out the jar!

Each Post-it would list a special treat – ice cream, dance party, movie night…

Now the treats are in the bin.

The jar holds three new Post-its, each bearing a child’s name. Another is laid out beside it.

“Someone help?”

“No. Your name came up.”

“I can’t do it.”

Snarls and growls drift through the closed door.

“She’s not Mum anymore. All you’re doing is killing a monster.”

Story inspired the below photo prompt provided by Rochelle Wisoff-Fields‘ Friday Fictioneers.

Mason jar with colourful folded notes inside
© Priya Bajpal

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11 thoughts on “Pick a Post-it Out the Jar | Microfiction

  1. Oh dear… Mom has has had it, I’m thinking…
    Love the way you twisted it around.
    Of course, killing is a tad drastic – unless she truly is a monster.

  2. Monsters come in all shapes and sizes. Worst, I feel, is when a parent you’ve loved turns on you. It felt like an older sister telling her brother, whose name was picked, to stay calm and do the deed. All for the treats in the bin.

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