Peace and Quiet | Microfiction

“Ready for Boxing Day, kids?”

Amy and Finn are glum. They hate Boxing Day.

“Do we have to, Dad?” Amy says with a sigh.

“It’s tradition,” Dad insists.

Mum nods. “Father Christmas won’t come next year if we don’t do Boxing Day properly.”

Finn groans. “Fine.”

The kids each approach large cardboard boxes, both labelled up with their names, and reluctantly climb inside.

“I put pillows inside so you’ll be comfy,” Mum says.

Dad nods. “And I spent all last night adding air holes, so we won’t have the same palaver as last year.”

The kids sit down in their boxes and wriggle around until they’re comfortable.

“Ready?” says Mum.

“Yeah,” the kids mutter.

Mum takes Amy’s box and Dad takes Finns. They carefully fold the carboard lids closed and seal them up with tape.

“And remember,” says Dad, “not a word unless it’s a dire emergency.”

He’s met with silence.

Mum and Dad beam at one another.

“Finally,” Mum mouths. “Peace and quiet!”

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