If At First You Don’t Succeed

“So,” she said, with one of those forced, straight smiles which do a wonderful job of portraying the awkwardness of a situation.

“Yeah,” I replied, returning the same expression.

“It’s been nice,” she said, nodding gently as though she had to really convince herself of the statement.

“I mean, it hasn’t really,” I responded. “You haven’t enjoyed yourself. Why?” Continue reading “If At First You Don’t Succeed”

Why I Write

One of the first assignments I was faced with at university was to write an essay titled “Why I Write.” I did terribly. The essay was returned to me covered in the red ink scrawlings of a creative writing tutor who probably wondered why on Earth I had chosen to do a creative writing degree. In fact, at that moment, even I wondered why I’d chosen to do a creative writing degree. Continue reading “Why I Write”

3 of My Favourite Beginner Content Marketing Resources

Content marketing – are you doing it? Every small business should be. It complements your SEO efforts and your social media activity, and it helps you to build strong, valuable relationships with your target demographic. It’s an opportunity to showcase your industry knowledge, establish yourself as a thought leader, and drive inbound traffic to your site. Continue reading “3 of My Favourite Beginner Content Marketing Resources”

3 of My Favourite Beginner SEO Resources

I’m not a search engine optimisation (SEO) expert by any means, but as a copywriter who specialises in digital content, I need to know a thing or two about writing copy which is optimised for the search bots. Most of my SEO know-how has been mined from the internet and I’d love to share my favourite resources with you. Continue reading “3 of My Favourite Beginner SEO Resources”

How to Write a Copywriting Brief

Over the years I’ve worked with briefs of all shapes and sizes. Some have been so detailed that they’re almost an article in themselves. Others have been so short that I’ve had to make guesses as to what the client is looking for. There isn’t really a right or wrong way to  create copywriting brief, but ideally you need to divulge enough information that your copywriter gets the content right the first time, without making it so complex that the copywriter can’t put their own creative mark on the work. After all, a copywriter’s job is to take your ideas and develop them into compelling, engaging content. Continue reading “How to Write a Copywriting Brief”

Keyword Density and The Value of Synonyms

Keyword density is a tricky thing. On the one hand, we need to include a keyword in a web page more than once to tell Google what our content is all about. On the other, if we stuff that keyword into our content too frequently, Google could mark us as dirty, filthy spammers and inflict penalties on our site. The trouble is, Google doesn’t have a specific guideline as to the optimum keyword density for SEO success. Continue reading “Keyword Density and The Value of Synonyms”

How Many Words? Choosing Optimum Content Length

Deciding on a word count for your online content can be a little tricky. On the one hand, we want content to be meaty enough to indicate to Google and Bing search bots what the web page is all about and prove that it’s a source of valuable, high quality information. On the other, it’s important to provide a good experience for your website visitors, too.

The truth is that us humans have a pretty limited attention span when browsing the web; we want the facts and we want them now. Continue reading “How Many Words? Choosing Optimum Content Length”

Tame Impala: Let It Happen Single Review

When I first heard Tame Impala’s latest single I was a little underwhelmed. Compared to some of their previous addictive tracks such as ‘Elephant’ and ‘Half Full Glass of Wine’ it seemed to lack energy and individuality. It was too toned down, too plain and simple for a band known for its fuzzy guitar riffs, trippy synth and psychedelic melodies. Yet after listen number two, things started to fall into place. Continue reading “Tame Impala: Let It Happen Single Review”