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Waves illustration - "Off to Sea" microfiction

The undulating swell of the sea had always put her mind at ease whenever she looked out across the coast. She’d think how peaceful it must be to be rocked by the waves and carried by the tides. How indulgent it must be to stretch out her arms and allow the water to take her wherever it wished.

The sea had looked like a haven compared to the hustle and bustle of her seaside town. No more dashing between tables, taking orders, fetching plates, and forcing smiles to strained lips in hopes of meagre tips. No more being crushed into tiny spaces and stepped upon and shoved at as she travelled from A to B on buses that were fit to burst. No more sleepless nights caused by raucous neighbours and too-thin walls and hammering basslines and cheap beer.

It seemed idyllic.

But now salty water burns at her lungs. There’s a deafening roar in her ears. She isn’t quite sure which way is up and which way is down.

It’s not even a little bit like she had hoped.

Too late, now, to change her mind.

This story was inspired by the word ‘Swell’ which is today’s #vss365 prompt on Twitter.

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4 thoughts on “Off to Sea | Microfiction

  1. This is great, Ellie. Your choice of words and the rhythm of the sentences really give the reader the feeling of the rise and fall of the waves. And then the brutal twist at the end. Nice work! C x

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