Never Broken | Microfiction

Eye streaming tears illustration - "Never Broken" microfiction

She refused to be broken by it. Instead, she’d turn it into a positive.

She’d been thinking for a little while that it was time for a new adventure, time to broaden her mind and see what else there was on offer.

She wouldn’t be defeated. She’d rise to the challenge. She’d take the bad and turn it into good. This was an opportunity.

She picked up the remote control and navigated to the tab that said, “Recommended For You.” Her favourite show may have been cancelled, but she was sure Netflix would have another series to fill the hole.

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6 thoughts on “Never Broken | Microfiction

  1. She’s lucky. It took me forever to find replacements for my favorite shows that get cancelled. Unfortunately, they never see the light of day again, so there is no hope of them being played anywhere other than my mind. I gave up cable and live with Amazon prime now. It’s okay, but not great.

    1. I pretty much live off Netflix instead of normal TV. My fiance hates watching any new show unless he knows there’s a least a few seasons to watch. He was burned by Firefly and now has trust issues when it comes to TV shows haha

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