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Something really cool happened. Janise Michel created an animation for one of my short stories, I Remember, for her digital drawing class at university. It’s amazing and you should watch it immediately! That is all.

8 responses to “My Story Got Animated! | Blog”

  1. Chris Hall avatar

    This is so cool, Ellie. This really makes your beautiful bitter-sweet story come alive.

    1. Ellie Scott avatar

      It’s so weird and amazing to see it in motion. I’m feeling all the feels!

  2. prajwaleliya avatar

    That’s really cool ☺️

  3.  avatar

    very moving Ellie, well done

  4. Saniyyah Eman avatar

    Dear God that animation was BEAUTIFUL!! It left me sniffling. 🥺

  5. Darnell Cureton avatar

    Just watched it for the 3rd time. – Wonderful!

  6. ceayr avatar

    Great story, read with the exact level of emotion.
    The presentation is just wonderful.
    Congratulations to all involved

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