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Collie dog illustration - "Making Friends" microfiction

“Go on then, Jim. Go and play.”

Jim glares at Flossie.

“Don’t look at me like that. Go on! Go run off some of that excess podge. And make some friends while you’re at it.”

Jim wanders off towards a group of potential friends nearby and loiters at the edges, waiting for someone to invite him into their fold.

Flossie approaches her own pack.

“He’s not very sociable, your Jim, is he?” says a fluffy Pomeranian.

Flossie shakes her head. “I thought bringing him to the park every day would help him socialise, but he doesn’t seem to have got the hang of it.”

The pair watch as another human holds out his hand towards Jim. Jim ignores the gesture. The other human shrugs and walks away.

“My Lucy will play with him,” says a grizzly Border Terrier. “She just loves other humans. Even the quiet ones.”

Right on cue, a grinning human bounds over to Jim with her arms outstretched and forces a hug upon him. Jim wriggles out of her clutches and runs away. Lucy isn’t dejected for long, but a few of her friends have noted the interaction and they aren’t happy.

“What the fuck was that, Jim?”

“Don’t be such a dickhead!”

“If you don’t like us then why do you even bother coming over here?”

“Piss off, and don’t come back!”

Jim picks up his pace and bolts away from the mob of bellowing humans.

“I wonder what they’re all shouting at,” says the Pomeranian.

“I know,” says the Border Terrier, “I wish we could speak their language.”

“I just wish they’d all get along,” says Flossie with a sigh. “They’re all human; you’d think that would be enough for them to be friends.”

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6 thoughts on “Making Friends | Microfiction

  1. Hahaha! This reminds me of something I saw on Tumblr once, “I see an animal and I walk up to it, pat it and talk to it. I see a human and I ignore it and look away, hoping it won’t try to talk.”

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