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Smiling man in suit illustration - "Lucky" microfiction

“What do you want for your birthday, Mum?”

“Oh, nothing! Don’t waste your money on me, pet.”

“I’m a millionaire, Mum. Let me spoil you!”

“I have everything I could ever need.”

“But what about something you want?”

“Like what?”

“Like a sportscar. Or a Caribbean holiday. Or a diamond necklace. A yacht, a hot tub, a brand new wardrobe with everything Gucci. The sky’s the limit, Mum. I’ve got the money, let me spend it.”



“I could do with some coasters. For the –”

“Say no more, Mum. Leave it with me. I’ll get you the best coasters money can buy.”


“Is the blindfold really necessary, pet?”

“Yes, Mum. Just a few more steps and then I’ll take it off. Steady now… here we are. Now prepare to take in your birthday surprise!”


“What do you think?”

“What exactly am I looking at, love?”

“Your own personal theme park. Isn’t that awesome?”

“Oh, yes. I… Yes. But why?”

“I told you I’d get you the best coasters and here they are. Rollercoasters! How cool is that?”

“But I just needed something for my coffee table. To stop the rings, you know?”

“Come on, let’s go for a ride. Which one first – the Big Dipper or the Runaway Train?”


“That. Was. Awesome. Don’t you think? Mum? Don’t you think that was awesome?”


“You look a bit green, Mum. You okay?”

“I just need a little sit down.”

“Look at your hair, it’s gone wild! That was amazing. That was so freaking cool.”

“I really do need to sit down, son.”

“Do you love it? Do you love your birthday present? Is this the best birthday ever?”

“It’s certainly one to remember.”

“Aren’t you lucky to have a son like me?”

“Yes, pet. Very lucky.”

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