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Vintage children illustration - "Loot" flash fiction

Emily swings the metal detector from side to side, ignoring her brother’s pleading tones behind her.

“Come on, Em, please! I need to pee so bad. And I’m bored and my legs are tired and we haven’t found anything all day.”

“Shut up, Isaac! It’s beeping. There’s something here.” She drops to the ground and begins to scrabble at the soil with her hands.

“It’s probably just gonna be another bottle cap. Or a stupid penny. I need to peeeee.”

“Go behind that tree over there, then,” Emily snaps without looking up.

“I can’t do that. I get too nervous to pee outside.”

Emily’s fingers brush over something hard and she grabs a handful of soil. Stretching out her palm, she lets the excess dirt fall away between her fingers and gazes at her loot. Two rings.

“Look,” she whispers, and Isaac abides, having forgotten temporarily about his full bladder.

“Gimme,” he says, as he snatches up one of the rings.

The pair carefully brush away excess soil and examine the mysterious jewellery. They’re simple, plain bands, but who’s to say they’re not forged from precious metal, or that they don’t originate from an epic ancient era?

Emily slips her ring onto her index finger and Isaac follows suit. A split second later, the pair are holding hands without either remembering how.

“Get off me!” Emily says, as she tries to tug her hand away from her brother’s.

“You get off me!”

“You’re such a baby, Isaac. You’re too big to need to hold hands with me.”

“I don’t want to hold hands with you, let go!”

“I can’t let go. You let go!”

“I’m trying.”

The siblings tug each other back and forth, but there’s nothing to be done; their hands are well and truly stuck.

“The rings,” Emily whispers. “It must be the rings.”

“What, they’re magic?”

“Must be.”

The pair gaze at their interlocked hands, wondering how they’ll ever manage to get the rings off again.

“Em?” Isaac says quietly. “I still need to pee.”

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11 thoughts on “Loot | Flash Fiction

    1. 1. Don’t touch mysterious hidden objects
      2. Always pee before you leave home
      3. Never take your lame brother on a treasure hunt… the life lessons are endless!

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