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TV line drawing - "Longest Day" microfiction

The title screen rolls while Netflix queues up another recommended show.

“I can’t take another,” Fran mutters as she drags her fingers down her face, pulling her features down into a grotesque grimace.

“But the day isn’t over,” Lisa replies with a sigh.

Fran groans. “I can’t believe it’s still light outside. We’ve done every season of Breaking Bad, all of Hell’s Kitchen, we finished off the Arrested Development episodes we hadn’t got around to, rewatched both seasons of Stranger Things, and got through most of Ru Paul’s Drag Race. And the day still won’t fucking end.”

“Well, it is the longest day of the year,” Lisa says with a shrug. “I just didn’t quite realise how long it would last. We blew past 24 hours hours long ago, and it still isn’t dark.”

Fran’s eyes burned with fatigue and screen strain. “No more, Lisa. Please don’t make me watch anything else.

Lisa rolls her eyes. “You set the challenge! Watch Netflix from sunrise to sunset on the longest day of the year – simple. That’s what we’re doing.”

Fran scowls. “But what if the day never ends?”

Lisa shrugs. “We die here, I guess. So… Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt next, yes? I’ll order a pizza.”

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