Lodgers | Flash Fiction

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Man in dark room looking out of window. "Lodgers" flash fiction

The front door slams, the house shivers and its inhabitants freeze.

“They’re back,” says Daughter, and her face quickly crumples as tears well.

“Don’t you dare cry,” hisses Mother. “They’ll hear us.”

The family falls silent and listens. A series of thuds and rattles comes from the floor below. Cupboard doors are opened and closed, opened and closed, over and over. Then there’s a short yell, a moment of quiet, and the soft wail of a miserable child.

Daughter whimpers. Mother glares at her.

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7 responses to “Lodgers | Flash Fiction”

  1. Twisted Mouse avatar

    Great story. Loved the daughters last line.
    I don’t use medium, so I’ll give you a clap here 👏

  2. Chris Hall avatar

    Neatly done, Ellie!

  3. Darnell Cureton avatar

    Truly unusual lodgers.

    1. Ellie Scott avatar

      Absolutely! Thanks for reading.

  4. Tom Burton avatar

    Beautiful gripping story!

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