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Sweat beaded on forehead - "Liar" microfiction

Earl wipes sweat from his brow. Pearl gnaws on her fingernails. Their entire relationship depends on the outcome of this single moment – a polygraph test.

The examiner shakes his head. “The system says it was a lie.”

Earl explodes. “I knew it! How could you do that to me? And how could you lie to me about doing that to me?”

“It’s wrong. It must be a false reading,” Pearl babbles. “I swear to you – I swear I’m telling the truth.”

“You… I… I just… You’re disgusting. I can’t even look at you right now.” Earl storms out of the room.

The examiner sighs. “False positives are possible. Rare, but possible. We could try the test again.”

Pearl shrugs. “Nah. I was totally lying. I did it – I watched the Peaky Blinders finale without him. And I’m not even sorry.”

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