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This blog post is not nearly as dramatic as the title would suggest, I just fancied trying my hand at some clickbait. It’s as unfulfilling as I thought it would be. I just wanted to let you know that you can expect radio silence from me for the next week or so because I’m getting married in six days. Bloody hell…. six days!

My fiancé and I have been engaged for over 18 months and during that time we came *this* close to booking two different venues, actually booked a third one before cancelling it several months later (don’t ask), and then found ourselves spending weekend after weekend painting and DIY-ing and obsessively gardening to get our house in good enough order to host an intimate and “relaxed” wedding reception at home. It’s been quite a journey…

As the big day looms, I’ve got an obnoxious amount of fairy lights to string up, a load of bouquets to arrange with zero knowledge or experience of floristry, piles of food to buy and prepare, a huge stack of booze to attempt to display as artfully as possible, lots of rogue weeds to pull up in the garden, and my scruffy old self to scrub up and make presentable. Fun fact: “relaxed” home weddings aren’t nearly as relaxing as they sound… not for the bride and groom, at least, or for any of the poor family members and friends that have been roped in to help.

I had planned to write and schedule daily stories in advance for this week so that I wouldn’t completely disappear from the internet, but last weekend I had a mini meltdown and realised that I don’t really have the time or the mental brain space for it. That’s also the reason why I’ve been absolutely AWFUL at replying to comments and checking in with the blogs I follow this past week. Sorry about that.

So instead, I’m taking a break. For the full week, I’m going to ignore all my writing projects, mute all my social media notifications, and get stuck into Maximum Bridezilla Mode. Oh, and I’ll probably drink a lot of gin. And eat a metric tonne of cheese and cake. S’gonna be great.

I’ll be back to regular service on either Monday 6th or Tuesday 7th August, depending on how bad my hangover is… Bye for now, and please can everyone keep their fingers and toes crossed for beautifully sunny weather in Sheffield on Saturday? Ta!

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11 thoughts on “I’ve Had Enough | Blog

  1. Congrats!!! Wish u all the happiness in the world with none of the stress. U probably have ur honeymoon planned but if u ever think about vacationing in Greece, I can help you out

  2. Congratulations! Enjoy your week off, and all that comes with it. 🙂 And fingers are well and truly crossed for lovely Sheffield sunshine! 😀

  3. Good luck, my daughter had a homemade wedding – not actually at home because the buying the home bit hadn’t worked out in time! But we all had a good day… get everyone round to help – I crocheted her shawl and bouquet, we all made sugar paste roses for the homemade cake – I also wrote them a poem. Have a lovely day.

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