Installing Updates | Poem

Colourful laptop screen

I guess I’ll have a cup of tea.
I’ll have cake too, to pass the time,
A good excuse for some downtime.

Cake gone, tea supped, now back to work,
There’s no excuse for me to shirk.
Alas, what’s this? “UPDATES DOWNLOADING.”
Still?! Be quick, my time’s eroding.

I watch the screen, the progress bar
Creeps ever onward, slow as tar.
I hold my breath – 99 percent,
Download done! But I lament,

For now the updates must install,
And this process slows to a crawl.
Computer whirrs and hums and whines,
And so do I – I have deadlines!

I’m on the clock and here I’m stuck,
While all these updates run amuck.
This same thing happened just last week,
I blame the hardware – it’s antique.

Hours go by and still I sit,
Before the screen, prepared to quit.
There’s been no progress, could be froze,
I should restart and end my woes.

But what if updates start from scratch?
If that occurred I would dispatch,
With every crumb of patience left,
I’d lose my mind, I’d be bereft.

But wait – the progress bar, it moves!
Install’s still going, speed improves.
It seems it will be all done soon,
I’m so relieved that I could croon.

It’s almost over, end’s in sight,
Computer restarts, mood grows bright.
Type in my password, hit return,
I’ve work to do and cash to earn.

But then a pop-up makes me gasp,
I shake my head. “Please, no!” I rasp.
“I just did this!” I screech in pain,
“It took all day. Was it in vain?”

There’s no reply from the PC,
Just one small line that makes me seethe:
I throw the bastard at the wall.

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Photo by Tianyi Ma on Unsplash

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10 thoughts on “Installing Updates | Poem

  1. Oh, I feel that pain. My last computer took 6 or more hours to almost completely install updates before spending about 12 hours or so undoing them all because it couldn’t be completed. Society mandates technology, but I think technology actually hates us.

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