I Keep Forgetting That This Thing Exists

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I’m writing the things and posting the things but I’m not shouting about them here because I keep forgetting, so here’s a frantic rundown of some of the latest nonsense I’ve produced:

Don’t Tell Suicidal People They Are Loved (actually not nonsense, but a very thoughtful and carefully crafted article about how to help people deal with suicidal ideation from the perspective of someone who experiences suicidal ideation from time to time and knows a thing or two about it)

Winter Ignition (a cute little poem about lovely winter sunshine in all its scarceness)

Free Snacks on the Streets of Hull (a fun little poem about that time I had to drag the dog away from a rogue burger patty that sat mouldy in the street for several days)

The Only Words Uttered Today by a Single Woman With a Dog She Calls Her “First-Born” (a 100% true transcription of my daily utterances)

4 responses to “I Keep Forgetting That This Thing Exists”

  1. Michael avatar

    That picture is not at all terrifying…how novel.

  2. Michael avatar

    Skippy on the mend?

    1. Ellie Scott avatar

      Seems to be okay for now but she’s champion of being fake better and suddenly not well again. Complete drama queen!

      1. Michael avatar

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