Hungry | Flash Fiction

Cat licking paw illustration - "Rubble" flash fiction

The house seemed to have crumbled from the foundations up. If there were bodies buried within the rubble, they weren’t going to be easy to find.

The detectives were totally perplexed. It was the only house for miles around, and there’d been no witnesses to give clues as to what had brought the structure tumbling down.

They were stood before the pile of shattered bricks and splintered wood when they heard a polite meow from behind them. A petite black and white cat stared up at them with wide, green eyes.

“Hey, kitty. Where’ve you come from, huh?”


“Is this your home?”


“Did you see what happened?”


“It’s a cat, Jim. You really think you’re gonna get answers out of it?”

“No, John, I don’t. But if it does belong to this house it’s the closest thing to a witness we’ve got.”

The cat weaved around and around Jim’s legs, chirruping sweetly. Then it meandered away, stopped, and turned back to look at him.

“I think it’s trying to tell us something…


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