How to NOT Write Every Day for a Year

There was once a time I flexed my creative writing skills on the daily and now my ability to sit down and put pen to paper is so rusty that I think I can hear my knuckles squeaking as I type. So how did I go from a daily writer to a never writer? Allow me to share my wisdom.

Step 1: Question your ability

Think about all the rejections you’ve had. Don’t be shy, there are plenty of them! Remember the sinking, squirming, burning, aching sensations in your stomach and chest when those rejection emails came through. Concentrate on them. Concentrate hard.

Feels awful, doesn’t it? It makes you want to curl into a ball like a hedgehog and peek your nose out only when someone proffers you food.

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Photo by Liudmyla Denysiuk on Unsplash

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