Goat | Microfiction

“I’m telling you – it’s Dad.”

“It’s a bloody goat, Sarah.”

“He’s in the goat’s body.”

“He’s possessed it?”

“He’s been reincarnated.”

“As a goat?”


The siblings glared at one another.

“You can’t afford to keep a goat, Sarah.”

“I couldn’t afford to keep Dad when he was a human, but I did it anyway.”

“Because you were stuck with him. You can’t rehome humans.”

“Course you can. That’s what retirement homes are for.”

“I’ll call the animal shelter.”

“You will not!”

“You’re mad.”

“Please, Todd. Humour me.”

“But it’s –”

“I miss him.”

The pair sighed.

“Okay. Keep him.”

This story was written in response to the following photo prompt for Rochelle Wisoff-Fields’ Friday Fictioneers:

Goat in a graveyard beside headstone
Copyright: Randy Mazie

You can find more stories inspired by the photo, or add your own, here.

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