George’s Big Day | Flash Fiction

Dragon illustration - "George's Big Day" flash fiction

George sank his sword into the dragon’s chest, and the beast’s furious bellows rang out across the land.

Blood poured from the wound and began to soak George’s sleeve. He grimaced and backed away, watching as the creature writhed in agony and tried desperately to remove the weapon which was lodged in its flesh.

“No longer will you wreak havoc across these lands!” George announced triumphantly. “From now on, humankind will live in peace and safety.”

The dragon thrashed its wings and its eyes rolled back in its head. Its legs quickly grew weary and, with a whimper, it slumped to the ground in a great pool of its own blood.

George watched as the enormous creature took its last breaths. When its chest rose and fell for the final time, he turned to address the onlookers surrounding him. “The dragon is slayed!”

Victorious cheers went up around him and he took a dramatic bow.

“And cut!”

The cheers ceased immediately.

“Great job, George!” the director said as he walked on set. “Really fantastic work.”

“Ah, I couldn’t have done it without this guy,” George replied, as he approached the dragon and gave it a nudge. “Time to get up, buddy!”

The dragon opened its eyes and raised its head. “We’re done? Shit, didn’t even notice you call cut. That’s how into it I was! Epic take, George. I felt it, y’know? I really felt it.”

George gave the dragon a pat on the back and turned his attention back to the director. “So, d’ya think that was the one?”

The director turned to his crew. “How you doing there, Geoff?”

Geoff looked up from his parchment. “Got some good rough sketches down. I can definitely work with this. Can have the painting done and dusted by winter.”

“Fantastic! Benny?”

Benny was absorbed in his own parchment, his quill moving at breakneck speed across the page.

“Hey, Benedict!”

Benny jumped and looked up.

“You get everything down?” the director asked.

“Think so! Got a tonne of notes to work with. Will make an incredible story out of this, I swear.”

The director grinned. “Then I think that’s a wrap, folks!”

Cheers and claps went up from the crew and the extras, all of which were looking forward to welcoming in the weekend with a lukewarm tankard of mead.

George nodded and shook the director’s hand. “Thanks for helping out with this. I seriously owe you one.”

“No problem,” the director said with a shrug. “Pleasure to be involved. You’re definitely going down in history for this, George. I swear, once this story gets out, the people will go crazy for you. You’ll become a saint, or something.”

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